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February 23 2016

Kaztag CEO Asset Matayev:

– We should realize that this anti-corruption agency is very powerful, and after Serik Akhmetov's case they think that in our country they can lock up anybody, they don't hide it, speaking about their status.

(said in an interview to website)

February 16 2016

Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev:

– No need to lick the roads along which the bosses travel. The funds should be spent on undeveloped districts where the situation with roads is bad.

(said in Almaty at the city development and preparation for World Winter Universiade-2017 meeting)

February 9 2016

Anonymous user of “Ak Zhaik" newspaper website:

- Guess what, in our CAPITAL we don't have a basic GAS supply? Gas pipeline hasn't been built, power station operates on fuel oil residue and coal, houses in private sectors are heated during winter by very expensive and dirty means, and if there is no wind then the entire city of Astana is covered with fumes and smog.

(said in the comments to the article "Nazarbayev is misled about the preparations for EXPO - H. Korreas")

February 2 2016

President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev:

– Look, the prices of essential food items: the cost of beef last year in January was 1 470 tenge, now it costs 1 150 tenge. Cost of horse-meat before was 1 600 tenge, now it is 1 400, the cost of butter before was 1 500, now it costs 1 300 … So, go – check me.

(said during the congress of "Nur Otan" party)

January 28 2016

Nursultan NAZARBAYEV, Kazakhstan's President:

- I urge everyone to vote and to again demonstrate our togetherness and unity for our country's future.

(said at a conference in Akorda presidential palace)

January 28 2016

President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev:

– I urge all to take an active part in the elections and demonstrate again our togetherness and unity for the sake of the future of our country.

(said at the meeting in Akorda)

January 19 2016

First Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Bakytzhan Sagintaev:

– Today we shouldn't worry that after a certain period of time the National fund will be completely wasted and we remain with nothing.

(said at the briefing in Astana)

January 13 2016

Baktykozha Izmukhambetov, Governor of Atyrau Oblast:

- A few people asked me a question why they charge 50 tenge for parking at the municipal market? The matter is that "Saraishyk" municipal market is self-financed, we don't invest there, and the market administration has to support security, cleaners, pay for electricity, etc.

(said at the session of the regional maslikhat)

January 5 2016

Nursultan Nazarbayev, Kazakhstan's President:

We are about to adopt Patriotism Act that provides key aspects of further work to strenghten people's unity, tolerance and trust.

(said at a meeting in Akorda, the presidential residence in Astana)

December 29 2015

Baktykozha Izmukhambetov, the Governor of Atyrau Oblast:

–... compared to other markets the prices will be lower, I guarantee that. We fully control the prices of those food items that are produced in our region. Not all our projects are working to their full capacity; therefore, I can responsibly announce that with time the assortment and quantity of goods will be increased.

(said during the opening of comunity market in Atyrau)

December 22 2015

Vyacheslav Dodonov, Chief researcher of the Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies:

– I think that with current prices of oil the adequate dollar exchange rate to tenge has to be at the level of 300.... to organize an attack to tenge is only possible for major participants of the market, one can bring dollar up to 400 tenge without any problems. But it wouldn't mean that it's a balanced rate.

(said in an interview to website)

December 15 2015

Two-time Olympic champion Ilya Ilyin:

– In such moments you should stand quietly and calmly say: "Guys, excuse me, but as the champion I want to hear the anthem of my country. The whole country is looking at me now, and I am simply obliged to sing the current anthem of Kazakhstan".

(said to concerning an incident during competitions in Grozny)

December 8 2015

Governor of Kyzyl-Orda Oblast Krymbek Kousherbaev:

- I would like to remind you, once again, respected state officials, that we are public servants. But we sometimes feel as if we are the masters of this nation. We have been hired.

(said at the meeting of the inter-department commission in the local government office)

December 1 2015

Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev:

– We should stop supporting businesses with pension savings. This money can only be used for replenishment of a state budget deficit, and for businesses we have enough money that is provided by the international financial institutions.

(said in his Message to the people of Kazakhstan)

November 24 2015

Dauren Abaev, the Press Secretary of the Kazakhstan President:

–... a number of press agencies released news that the President allegedly commented on the issue of absence of a worthy replacement. This phrase has been taken out of context, but, actually, Nursultan Abishevich in his speech paid attention to personnel issues at the level of heads of the ministries and departments. You can be easily convinced in it after viewing the video of the meeting that we've offered.

(said after the extended meeting of the government in Akorda)

November 17 2015

Aikyn Konourov, Deputy of Mazhilis of RoK Parliament:

– According to our calculations, the real price of bread last year was 98 tenge. Today, if we take into account the current tenge exchange rate, it should be about120-130 tenge.

(said during government hour at the parliament)

November 10 2015

Film director, screenwriter Rustem Abdrashev:

– So far, we did only screen-tests. Filming is still ahead... Well, she became very much interested in cinema lately... I think, she will manage.

(said to about participation of Aliya Nazarbayeva in "Kazakh khanate" TV series)

November 3 2015

Mark Kabdygali, journalist, the second representative of Pavlodar Oblast Governor in court:

– Why did Governor use journalist as his representative?

– Because on the opposite side – the defendant was also the journalist. I already voiced my stand – the other journalist filed a claim that it is against the freedom of speech, and I was convinced that it isn't so, it is pure blackmail, a criminal act.

– Were you paid for your work?

– No.

– You did it for free?

– May I skip this question?

(said to press after the announcement of the sentence)

October 27 2015

Chairman of Kazakhstan's National Bank Kairat Kelimbetov:

– Decisions on pension money are made by National Fund Management Council membered by president, prime minister, finance minister, speakers of both chambers of the parliament.

Also, we have a council for managing pension money where work the best experts in this field.

(said in an interview to “Vremya" newspaper)

October 20 2015

Anonymous user of “Ak Zhaik" newspaper website:

– I just watch TV and see officials, and I am scared we are being managed by such silly people. Having trouble understanding of processes in the economy what they can do is to chant praises to one single person only. Leave alone the society.

(a comment to the article "Nazarbayev: A real crisis is coming")

October 13 2015

Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev:

– I speak Ukrainian, but now I forgot it a little bit.

(said it in the Ukrainian language at the joint press-conference with P. Poroshenko)

October 6 2015

Deputy of Mazhilis of RoK Parliament Azat Peruashev:

- I don't think that deputies have low salaries. I personally receive approximately 230 thousand tenge twice a month, probably, with an advance payment.

(said in an interview to Karavan newspaper)

September 29 2015

Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of Kazakhstan:

–... I propose to develop a 2045 Global Strategic Initiative Plan for the centenary of the United Nations. Its meaning - to give to the world a new trend of development based on fair conditions in which all nations had equal access to infrastructure, resources and markets, and also overall responsibility for development of humanity.

(said at the 70th anniversary session of the UN)

September 22 2015

RoK Minister of Defence Imangali Tasmagambetov:

– It means that we (in Kazakhstan by the time of collapse of the USSR) had 1 100 nuclear weapons (10 for each 110 ballistic missiles) that were installed in 146 nuclear pits. That was a terrible weapon...

(said at the meeting with foreign participants of "Council of Sages")

September 15 2015

Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev:

- That is why today and forever our Kazakhstan is the “Country of the Great Steppe"! It is the country of transformed Steppe. This is the popular name of our beloved country.

(said at the festive meeting dedicated to 550th anniversary of Kazakh Khanate)

September 8 2015

President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev:

- Most importantly, we have something to eat. And even something to drink. We have something to put on, the roof over our heads, something to heat up our houses with - we also have it... Everything else, for example, western clothes - can be lived without it. Is it true? Without foie gras, bananas that are harmful to us in general. It is also possible to live without the best, huge Land Cruisers.

(said at the extended meeting with agrarians and governors of three regions)

September 1 2015

Aslan Sarinzhipov, Kazakhstan's Education and Science Minister:

"In places where the work is not done, we will submit penalty requests to local governors. This refers to provincial and district departments, even schools.... Since it is a governor's area of responsibility, the governor will be making on the spot decision on who is to get punished and what punishment to assign."

(said on school books provision during a teleconference with regions)

August 25 2015

Baktykozha IZMUKHAMBETOV, Governor of Atyrau Oblast:

"It may sound immodest, but I am now happy that from the day of my appointment in 2012 I kept raising the issue of food security. We have spent 22 billion tenge on agriculture. And now is the time to collect harvest".

(said at a meeting in the Akimat on holding food prices down)

August 18 2015

Head of Atyrau territorial inspection of forestry and fauna Murat Ermekkaliev:

– Could have taken my employees, went together to have a look, instead of punching in the guts.

(said to the site concerning the publication in "Ak Zhaik" newspaper of the article "Whose trap nets fishery inspection is guarding?")

August 11 2015

Baktykozha Izmukhambetov, Governor of Atyrau Oblast:

- I keep saying to my colleagues: "If I notice that you are involved in corruption act – I will personally turn you in".

(said during his interview to "Ak Zhaik" newspaper)

August 4 2015

Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev:

- Due to worsening of market situation, the condition of the state budget, as well as dropping of prices of our main export goods, it is necessary to introduce overall cost savings.

(said at the meeting in Akorda)

July 28 2015

Kairat Kudaibergen, Deputy Director of Almaty Businessmen's Chamber :

- Once again I tell our manufacturers that we have to work very hard to be competitive. I am even afraid to comment on such things, because only the future will show.

(said concerning Kazakhstan's accession to WTO)

July 22 2015

Assylbek Dzhakiyev, Regional Entrepreneurs Chamber:

"Business in Kazakhstan is going through a hard time due to low oil prices and current Russian rouble's value. Therefore, raising of tariff rates on communal services, in particular, on water will be another load on business people here. This will cause chain reaction and lead to an escalation of service rates."

(said at a session in Regional Parliament)

July 14 2015

President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev:

- Besides, overestimation of construction costs of facilities takes place, that, in its turn, leads to embezzlement... Taking into account the reduction of prices for export goods of our country, the budget receives less funds than its due. In this regard we have to take austerity measures both at EXPO and Universiade.

(said during the meeting on the progress of preparation for international exhibition)

July 7 2015

President Nursultan Nazarbayev:

Lee Kuan Yew (founder of Singapore) said that he put his friend into prison. And why do you forget that I put into prison the father of my three grandchildren? You think that they didn't come to me with tears in their eyes together with their mother? They came. You think that I wasn't emotional over it? Of course, I was.

(said in the documentary “Nazarbayev speaks on key issues")